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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Harper doesn't eat babies..

Harper doesn't eat babies: GO Transit Sign Hacked:

"Gerry Nicholls thought he was hallucinating as he kicked back in his seat to take the 35-minute GO train ride to his Oakville home.
About every three seconds, the scrolling electronic sign that usually carries transit updates and advertisements had a very different message that he just could not keep his eyes off.

'Stephen Harper Eats Babies. Stephen Harper Eats Babies. Stephen Harper Eats Babies,' the message kept repeating.
'No one (in the car) seemed to be reacting to it,' said Nicholls, who happens to be vice-president of the National Citizens Coalition, the same conservative think-tank formerly headed by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper "

For more on the technology end of this...see the post about i-hacked.com. They covered exactly how to hack these signs.
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