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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ford Announces Hydrogen-Electric Plug-in Hybrid

Ford and Airstream have partnered to build this hybrid prototype. There's no doubt which part of this project Airstream contributed, but the interesting part is this partnering of technologies. If it had its own solar charging station for the home it would have a negligible carbon footprint. Wouldn't that put a smile on the faces of Al Gore and all the Birkenstocks in Montpelier!

If you haven't noticed, I find the fact that we are openly discussing and building these new alternatives to petro-transportation, a mezmerizing one. From someone who grew up in the Hoffa-esque era of Detroit mentality, I am amazed that the auto industry is attempting to embrace new technology instead of calling Cousin Guido to "snuff it out" before it gets off the ground. Perhaps the whole drive for fuel efficiency and environmental concerns, coupled with the need to reduce foreign dependencce has finally reached critical mass. What I see now is the auto industry is trying to shape the future of energy and cash in on it. They aren't really relinqueshing control, they are just trying to reinvent the game and increase the bottom line. All the time looking like the hero.....Of course these are the same folks that berought us the K-car.

Ford Announces Hydrogen-Electric Plug-in Hybrid
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